Mentorship Programme 2023

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An evidenced based, 6 month educational program for medical professionals. Delegates will attend one full day every month covering each anatomical zone in detail.

The course focuses heavily on injection anatomy and delegates will be provided with the most up to date research to consolidate accrued knowledge.

The program is challenging, it is not a didactic series of lectures. It is an interactive and rewarding way of learning the art and science of non-surgical facial aesthetics.

This is not a hands on course – a variety of techniques will be demonstrated live by Lee Walker including both needle and cannula each month.



  • Mid face & Tear trough
  • Lower Face & Lips
  • Upper Third Forehead & Temple
  • Male Face
  • Advanced Botox & Nose
  • Complications Management


Mentorship Program Jan – July: FULLY BOOKED

The Second 2023 Mentorship Program Cohort July – Dec: FULLY BOOKED

The Second 2023 Mentorship Program Cohort is fully booked

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